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Located in Brandon, Florida. Banks Insurance Group has serviced the insurance needs of businesses and residents in the Tampa Bay area since 2007. We represent competitive companies and will give your policy the attention it deserves.

Homeowner Insurance     |      Real Estate Errors & Omissions Insurance     

In this economy you need to save as much as you can.  We have low HO-3 homeowner insurance.  Call and we will provide quote.

• Waterfront Property and Coastal Homeowners Insurance

Do you have one of those “difficult-to-place” properties along the Florida coastline? Have you been canceled or cannot locate coverage for your property? We can help in those difficult situations.

• Special Event Insurance

Are you in need of “Special Event” Insurance coverage for weddings, parties and other events located on your property? We offer such insurance at a very low and affordable rate. Don’t get caught uninsured for that next big event.


• Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is NOT covered under your general homeowners policy. This is a coverage that, living on the Florida coastline, no Homeowner should be without. We offer this coverage at a reasonable rate with a FEMA Preferred Rate for $250,000 Building and $100,000 contents.

• Business owner, Professional, and Management Liability Plans

Our locally owned office specializes in Employment Practices and Liability Insurance, Fiduciary Liability and other specialty commercial plans. We offer a wide array of fully customizable business owner packages, professional errors and omissions and other Business Insurance.